1. User shall refer jointly and severally to the User, his/her family, visitors, or others present on the Premises with the permission of Owner. Premises shall refer to the entire 3+ acres of Kickapoo Lodge, the 7 buildings and 6 docks located thereon. Owner shall refer to Baltz Family Partners, Ltd, its directors, officers, agents, or affiliates.


2. User acknowledges that the Premises are managed and cared for by agents. User agrees to abide by any reasonable instructions from such agents pertaining to the use and safe occupancy of the Premises. If emergencies arise or repairs are needed, notice must be given to the agents as soon as practical. Ultimately, User is solely responsible to exercise due care for his/her and to others safety and security.


3. The Premises shall not be used for any purposes or any manner other than those for which they were constructed, i.e., temporary lodging. All damages resulting from any misuse shall be borne solely by User to the extent that User shall have caused same.


4. The Premises are reserved for your private use. No persons other than those disclosed to and approved by the Owner shall be permitted on the Premises. Owner reserves the right to exclude certain persons from use and occupancy of the Premises, in it sole discretion.


5. The Premises shall be kept in a state of reasonable cleanliness. Trash shall be properly disposed of (particularly because of potential dangers associated with wildlife).


6. No animal or pet of any kind shall be brought or kept in or on Premises.


7. User shall not make, or permit to be made, any unseemly or disturbing noises or odors or disturb or interfere with other occupants of the Premises or neighboring premises.


8. User shall not bring or keep upon the Premises any inflammable, combustible, or explosive fluid , chemical or substance.


9. User shall not park any vehicle in any driveways, or areas posted as "No Parking" and particularly not in such manner as blocks the road which bisects the premises.


10. The use and possession of illegal drugs on the Premises is strictly prohibited.


11. Firearms and the like shall be possessed, discharged, and displayed in accordance with Colorado law. No possession, display or discharge is permitted if such causes or is apt to cause alarm to other users or neighbors.


12. Smoking is not permitted in any of the buildings. Outdoor smoking shall be limited to areas where fire danger is minimal and shall be properly extinguished and disposed of.


13. The Premises shall not be used for solicitation or any unlawful purpose whatsoever. 


14. Fires shall be made in designated areas away from trees and brush. Burning restrictions shall be strictly followed.